Photography is my second greatest love, just slightly right below my beloved family.

This love started young. It germinated from a passion for the written words, the beauty of nature, the human spirit of the arts. It blossomed as I began my focus on photography as a Studio Art major at the University of California, Irvine over a decade and a half ago, and this love just keeps on growing faithfully, unwaveringly, alongside me all these years.

Coming from a long line of poets, artists, playwrights, and novelists, it is not a coincidence that the arts is in my blood. I see beauty in the saturation of colors, in the fleetingness of the moment, in the innocence of a child's gaze, in the sweetness of a smile, and perhaps those are the things that draw you to my photographs in the first place.

I am currently living in the Bay Area with the three greatest loves of my life: my dear husband of 12 years and our sweet daughters, Elise and Vivienne.

Chau Trinh
Elise Poem Photography